middle [mid′'l]
[ME middel < OE < midd-,MID1 + -el,-LE]
1. halfway between two given points, times, limits, etc.; also, equally distant from all sides or extremities; in the center; mean
2. in between; intermediate; intervening
3. Gram.
a) denoting the voice or form of a verb whose subject is represented as acting reflexively, or upon itself: in Greek, such verbs are usually passive in grammatical form
b) in or of the middle voice
4. [M-] Geol. designating a division of a period or a formation between those called Upper and Lower
5. [M-] designating a stage in language development intermediate between those called Old and Modern [Middle English]
1. a point or part halfway between extremes; middle point, part, time, etc.
2. something intermediate
3. the middle part of the body; waist
4. Gram. the middle voice
vt., vi.
middled, middling
to put in the middle
SYN.- MIDDLE refers to the point or part equally distant from either or all sides or extremities and may apply to space, time, etc. [the middle of the stage, the day, etc. ]; CENTER more precisely stresses the point equidistant from the bounding lines or surfaces of any plane or solid figure [the center of a circle, globe, etc. ] and is sometimes used figuratively [the center of town, a trade center]; MIDST, usually used in prepositional phrases, denotes a middle part that is surrounded by persons or things or a middle point in some action [in the midst of a crowd, one's work, etc. ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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